Create an app that is accessible to an array of users on multiple device

Create an app that works seamlessly on any device and operating system with our cross-platform application development services in Ghana. We build professional software development teams that develop highly CUSTOMIZED and COST-EFFECTIVE solutions matching your business needs and requirements.

Application development services in Ghana


Why opt for

Cross-Platform App Development

When thinking about mobile app development, a cross platform approach can be just what your business needs.

We ensure the same user experience by using universal code, creating common UI groundwork, conducting cross-platform mobile app testing to make sure all key features are compatible across Android and iOS. We develop mobile and web applications in Ghana for Ghanaian business

Fewer costs

Since cross-platform apps require less development time, you can reduce several items of expenditure.

Faster time to market

Eliminates the need to develop separate versions of the app for each platform, saving time and resources. By reaching a wider audience with a single app, businesses can enter the market faster and gain a competitive advantage.

Wider audience

Cross-platform app development lets developers create apps that work on different operating systems like iOS and Android. By making the app work on different platforms, developers can reach more people and make the app more successful.

Application development services in Ghana

Easier maintenance

Updates and bug fixes only need to be made once, rather than separately for each platform. Additionally, cross-platform development frameworks often have built-in tools for testing and debugging, further simplifying the maintenance process.

Cross-platform development services by Nusite

Here is the list of tasks Nusite can help you complete. As a cross-platform mobile development company, we don’t focus on just one aspect of the development process but on the whole process instead.

Custom cross-platform development

Your application will seamlessly function on all platforms and operating systems. No bugs, no lags, no freezes—happy users. Instead of choosing between iOS and Android platform and spending resources on adapting apps for both platforms, cross-platform app developers build an app that would work smoothly on different devices and platforms for worldwide presence of your business.

Custom cross-platform UI/UX design

It includes UX research, wireframing, prototyping, and the design process itself. Your app will have a native-like look and a user-friendly interface. Since user experience is a crucial point in making users come back to your app and use it over and over again, we take the user research very seriously. At this stage, we collect the information about the user's preferences and behavioral patterns to create an interface that they’ll use easily and intuitively.

Cross-platform app testing

All parts of your future mobile solution are properly tested on different devices, in multiple environments, and with various tools. Even the code written by senior developers needs testing. They say, a little testing never killed nobody, and they are absolutely right. No one wants to work on the app and then spoil everything with little bugs.

Post-release support

When your app is up and running and you get your first feedback from real users, Yellow will help you maintain and update the app when needed. The business environment is constantly changing, and so do your business needs. In a highly competitive market of today, you may need to add new features, remove existing ones or even make a pivot.

The best business opportunities for multi-platform

mobile app development

We always keep abreast and follow the industry trends and development, focusing on a few to bring maximum benefit to our clients.





Information Technology


Real Estate


Local Business


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Build your Cross Platform Applications with us

Nusite has a demonstrated history of providing various industries with top-notch IT solutions, including cross-platform application development service in Ghana, ERP systems, native apps, etc. With that, companies streamline their business processes, better engage their clients and deliver best services to them.

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Fortune100 experience

Cross-platform app development tools

Proven and efficient cross-platform technologies are at your service. Here is what we

need to create a cross-platform app.



Node JS



Frequently Asked Questions

What are some great benefits cloud computing offers to help your business?

Cross-platform development means that your application will function on multiple platforms and operating systems using one codebase

What cross-platform app development services can you provide?

Here at Nusite, we will be happy to develop, design, test, release, and support your cross-platform app.

Will I need to hire extra IT staff to assist with the cloud migration?

Yes! Before the work starts, we sign the NDA with you to make sure your data and sensitive information stays protected.

How can I ensure that my data is secure with you?

Everything depends on the project’s scale and specifications. An MVP or PoC will cost approximately $5,000-$15,000, when an enterprise solution can total $250,000 and more. Feel free to contact our specialists and get an estimation of your project.

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