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Accelerate your business growth with our AI Consulting services. Our experts in artificial intelligence will provide customized solutions to drive innovation and propel your growth. Our consultants will closely collaborate with you to understand your business needs and challenges. Using AI, we will optimize your processes and uncover new growth opportunities. Our tailored AI solutions will help you stay ahead of the competition and achieve unprecedented success.

Artificial Intelligence AI solution

AI development services we provide

Here is a list of AI development service Nusite can give you a hand with.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) solutions are capable of understanding and analyzing written text and speech. This AI solution service can be used to build voice assistants, gather data about meaning and emotions, and build a more efficient communication strategy.

Custom AI Applications

Whether you want to analyze medical data, prepare a recommendation list for users, predict prices for sales and marketing strategy, and reach any other of your business goals, our specialists will analyze your requirements and create a perfect custom solution for them.

Computer Vision

Computer vision works almost like a human eye. It enables a machine to identify, process, recognize, and understand all types of objects in images and videos. Yellow’s AI software developers will help you integrate computer vision into your application, website, or platform.

Data Analytics

The process of structuring and analyzing data can be significantly sped up by implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. AI app development will ensure you receive valuable insights and get organized reports with ease.

Neural Network

Like computer vision mimics the human eye, neural networks mimic the human brain. A neural network is a set of algorithms that is trained to notice underlying relationships in data and conduct predictive analysis. Yellow is ready to provide you with this AI software development service and help you build an NN.


Our artificial intelligence developers are experienced in building AI-based chatbots for websites and mobile apps. A chatbot empowered by AI algorithms can boost your customer service’s productivity and positively affect user experience.

Artificial intelligence development services:

Reasons to choose

So, why AI? What makes this technology so useful? Here are the reasons for your business to consider artificial intelligence software development services.

Process automation

An artificial intelligence AI solution can help automate routine and repetitive tasks making work less tedious for employees and optimizing their productivity

Increased Efficiency

Introducing an AI-based tool to your business can improve the efficiency of your staff and streamline all the processes.

Minimizing Human Error

AI software development solutions can’t be affected by factors like emotions, sleepiness, or burnout, thus the risk of human error is minimized.

Saving Money

Optimizing processes, automating tedious tasks, and reducing the human error risk will result in cutting unnecessary costs in the long run.

Predictive Analysis

AI software development solutions can’t be affected by factors like emotions, sleepiness, or burnout, thus the risk of human error is minimized.

Custom Solution

Optimizing processes, automating tedious tasks, and reducing the human error risk will result in cutting unnecessary costs in the long run.

AI development services for every industry

Tailored AI solution for your business




Real Estate

Information Technology






Tools for AI implementation

To ensure perfect artificial intelligence app development, Nusite's specialists use the most suitable tech stack for your project. The list of technologies is tailored to your needs and requirements.






Why choose Nusite as your AI software

development company


No vague contracts, no murky processes. Our specialists don’t disappear for half a year and then come back to you with an AI model that doesn’t fit your business at all. We always keep you in the loop: The team posts daily standups about the work done. Also, we make weekly calls for more detailed updates.


Before any type of work starts, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you. You can clarify what information to consider confidential and how to use it. That way, all the sensitive data related to your project stays legally protected.

Product lab

Our team has experience in building our own AI-based apps from scratch and following them through the whole product life cycle. The knowledge of the business side helps us better understand your needs and goals and be on the same page during the development.

Business before technology

As an artificial intelligence development company that creates its own apps, we consider your business needs as the main driving force of development. We don’t design and code just for the sake of design and code, we build a solution tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Automate your business and scale production

Artificial Intelligence AI solution can help businesses increase revenue and production in several ways. For example, AI can analyze data to make accurate predictions about customer behavior, market demand, and production needs. It can also assist with inventory management, pricing, and production planning. Personalized marketing and sales can be achieved through AI-powered algorithms that tailor campaigns and recommendations to each customer, increasing sales opportunities. Process automation allows AI to handle repetitive tasks, freeing up employees for more important work and increasing productivity.

Build your product with us

Nusite has a demonstrated history of providing various industries with top-notch IT solutions, including cross-platform applications, ERP systems, native apps, etc. With that, companies streamline their business processes, better engage their clients and deliver best services to them.

Lean management

Unique engineering approach

Flexible work terms


Time zones ain’t no thing

Full spectrum of services

Transparency cost

Fortune100 experience

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