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From Motion Graphics to Animated Explainer Video

The age of static creative being good enough to capture a user's attention is over. Motion graphics or animated content online is seeing a significant increase in popularity to engage with audiences more effectively. Ad performance, landing page conversions, and email CTAs significantly improve with motion design.

Nusite makes it easy to get animation or motion graphics designed with access to a fully-stacked design team with specific expertise in motion graphics and animation.

Motion Design

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Motion Graphics

Animated creative and motion graphics created for various uses like blog content, marketing material, or advertising efforts.

Animated Videos

We offer both 3D and 2D animation videos for both advertising and educational purpose. These are all created with your brand and audience in mind

Animated Explainer Video

Get custom designed videos, audios and messaging to explain your product, services or messaging to your audience

Animated Infographics

Original infographic presentations with animated and motion elements make presentations come alive and deepen engagement with your audience.

Motion Ads

Animated digital advertising for different online channels and platforms to help sell a product, service or attract new business with improved click-through rates.

Animated Logos

Custom-designed logos with animation and motion inject story or messaging into your logo to capture your target audience’s attention in a whole new way.

Related Services

We can integrate our research service with other services to help companies develop innovative strategies and make informed decisions and designs

Brand Identity

Develop the brand core visual identity system that distinguish the brand in consumers minds through communication and tone of voice. This includes concept boards expressing the brand values and style, and logo routes & refinements with simulations.

Branding Strategy

Develop a plan that provides direction to the way you wish your brand to be portrayed to customers and differentiated from competitors. This includes elements such as experience, personality, emotion, loyalty, values and employee activism.

Graphic Design

Conceptualize the brand idea through development of brand assets and collaterals.

This includes setting the brand key visual cues, developing the brand descriptors, and designing the master concept and key product category identities.

Photography and Video Production

Establish collaterals & assets as well as rules for a unified and identifiable presence. This includes logo usages, color palette, iconic brand pattern, type style, shopping bags, staff uniform, key visual, instore wayfinding, packaging application among others.

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